It's time for the Chemistry Club Christmas Special! For this festive edition, resident bad_dubs will be joined by... LOTS OF PEOPLE: A selection of DJs and special guests from all over the world will play their favourite freestyle tunes for half-hour each all through the evening and into the wee hours:


  • Schtu
  • Alma
  • Skwirl
  • Le pot belge
  • Henry Zoonka
  • The Crane
  • Shanghai Burton
  • Bolando
  • The Jinxx
  • Haider
  • Limo D...
  • bad_dubs

Listen and watch on Twitch, and/or join the Zoom call to chat and catch-up with friends (just remember to turn your music down when you hop into Zoom). Let's celebrate the season together and connect virtually through the power of music and RAVE.